What is English Express? English Express is an English Language Development (ELD) grant and donation-
funded DreamMaker Project of The Ink People that offers an innovative solution to this question: 

“How can Humboldt County's immigrant residents be directly supported to share their gifts with our community and to create the lives they envision?”

Mission Statement for English Express
The mission of English Express is to help our ELD community develop the English language skills desired for advancing economic, social and racial equity.

History of English Express: English Express opened our doors in June 2016, offering two classes per week in Eureka at the Jefferson Community Center, two classes per week at Fortuna’s Multi-Generational Center, and one class per week at La Pasadita Market in Eureka. In April, 2016, English Express umbrellaed and offered Towards Citizenship, a 12-week class that prepares local immigrants to pass the naturalization interview and test. A second section of Towards Citizenship will be offered in the fall of 2017. The total number of English Express students has grown from 14 to over 100 in ten months.  The program's student body has included Cambodia, China, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Japan, Laos, Mexico, Pakistan, Senegal, Thailand, and the Ukraine. 

English Express consists of three pillars:
  1. English language instruction
    • English Express classes offer English Best Practices in a relaxed, accessible and test-free environment with free childcare.  Guest speakers connect the students directly to services that are meaningful to their lives, right now. 
  2. Connections to community services
    • To date, 50 guest speakers have made 15-minute introductory presentations, including Paso a Paso, EDD, Human Rights Commission, Boys and Girls Club, CalFresh, RCAA, RCRC, Healthy Kids Humboldt, Northcoast Childrens Services, Humboldt Domestic Violence Services, Food for People, 211 Humboldt, Latino Outdoors, Centro del Pueblo, Human Rights Commission, and True North Organizing Network. 
  3. Field trips
    • Field trips provide an opportunity for program participants to practice their English outside of the classroom while exploring their new home and meeting Humboldt County residents. Field trips have included:  the Eureka Inn, the Morris Graves Museum of Art, the Carson Mansion, the Redwood Coast Music Festival, Headwaters Hike, the Humboldt County Library, and the Madaket Bay Tour. English Express students have also participated in the local democratic process via participation in the Humboldt County Budget Roadshow, the St. Joseph Health Community Resident Forum, and the Jefferson Community Center Dinner and Community Planning Session.